Friday, February 10, 2012

Dancing with God

 Responding to His Graceful Lead

This month our Thursday Night Live we be on the evening of February 16th from 7:30 to 9:30 at our Marietta office. Charles and Dawn Spoelstra will share their experiences with learning to dance together as a way to understand how we respond to God’s love as our lead in life.

When we dance together as man and woman, we learn to be gentle with each other, we learn to initiate and respond gracefully, hand to hand, trusting each other as lead and follow. Awkwardly at first, we learn to entrust ourselves to the dancing. The man learns to lead, finding the emotional and physical confidence that he can do this, and the woman to follow, eventually trusting in his lead so fully that she becomes a beautiful expression of his initiative and energy for all to see. There is a beautiful analogue to our relationship with God, our divine partner here. Together we learn the unforced rhythms of grace in the dance of the Trinity: Perichoresis.

Come and join in the conversation and the learning with us. Bring your dance shoes, we will invite you to get up out of your seat and learn kinesthetically with us! This is a great occasion to celebrate Valentines Day together as well, singles and couples are equally encouraged to join.