Friday, July 13, 2012

Sacred Flow

Come join us Thursday August 30 from 6:30-9:30pm as we continue a conversation about flow. Think about the areas of life where you experience deep concentration and focused attention, and those areas where you feel distracted and out of it. God is interested in being a part of every aspect of our lives. He teaches us the value of focus, challenge and feedback as we learn to flow from His life in us.

"Sacred flow realizes a life in which we learn to live, move, and simply be absorbed in the rhythm and flow of God's Spirit. Putting rhythm and flow together in light of everyday Christian spirituality, rhythm describes our life's general everyday movement, while flow occurs when we dive into life's more challenging activities or circumstances. We experience rhythm with God when we attune to his love while engaging in commonplace activities like lazy strolls, hanging out with family, eating dinner, texting a friend, brushing our teeth, checking email, walking the dog, vegging out, driving to work, sleeping, playing with our kids, etc. We find genuine enjoyment in these activities when we give them our full attention, rather than treating them like mundane activities or menacing duties. They seamlessly become part of our rhythm with God.

Flow is movement in the midst of more intense activity or challenge like busy days at the office, intense days at play, demanding service projects, challenging hobbies, fitness training, competing in a competition, deep conversation, etc.

In sacred flow, ebb and flow becomes rhythm and flow as we, cognizant of God's love, engage in less demanding and more demanding activities, dive in and pull back, speed up and slow down."

excerpt from Sacred Flow: Discovering Life in the Divine Current by Artie Sposaro