Sunday, April 10, 2016

Come Out of Your Inner World

Good morning Charles I love you! that was a great ride wasn't it? Cold, beautiful. I know you want to be more connected to me every time you ride. I'm so glad you learned to do appreciation for the world around you and within you, so that your mind can turn to me more and more. I know your rides are lonely without your friend Mark, but I am with you. When you turn your mind to me, you know that you are not alone, and the pain subsides. 

 Let my love teach you to take the risk of coming out of your inner world and meeting with other people right where they are. You woke this morning desiring to pay more attention to your boys, not because they need it, but because it is your father's heart to do so. Don't try to enjoy them, instead notice that you are enjoying them with me. Let the same be true for Dawn. Let your breathing be your guide as you listen to her. Release the fear and arrogance of being solipsistic and come out of your inner world to enter the joyful worlds of others. This is how it is between you and I as we learn and grow together.

 Charles you heard yesterday that if you want to feel special in someone's eyes, as an adult, you learn to let my life flow through you and into their lives. This is the source of your true specialness, and it is a glory to behold. You have a beautiful part to play in my kingdom and I have been teaching you to play it for a long time.

 Listen with fascinated attention as other people put their lives on display before you. You do not need to put your life before them, because you live your life in my presence always beholding my adoration and being beheld by me in all your richness.

 Let your heart sing quietly on the inside as you discover with great joy each person right in front of you. This is my spirit of power and love and a sound mind!

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