Thursday, December 31, 2015

Listen closely

Beneath the sound of my inner critic, I hear His still small voice . . .

That's right. You heard the idea of My thought, but you did not hear the tone of love I intended.

Is the voice of an Encourager ever accusatory or angry? The answer is simple. Never! 

If you hear an angry, critical, punitive or accusing voice, you know it is not me. The voice of the Encourager is always encouraging. Your heart will always be lifted and urged forward with great hope when you hear My voice. If you're hearing something different than that, you did not hear me, you heard something laced with anger by the subtle device of fear. You heard the voice of an enemy, a delusion and a lie. Cast that specter aside and listen more closely for the voice of My love within you.

You will hear me, and what you hear will cause you to trust more deeply in My Love, and in your own True Heart!

The better you learn to hear my voice, the more my voice will echo through you to every person that you love. 

Of course I am always encouraging you to learn and grow, but I am never giving you a guilt trip about your past or sounding even slightly disappointed about where you are right now. 

I'm pleased with you right now. 

When I look at you I see you for who you are. I see nothing but my beautiful nature, full of growth and potential, life and joy. How can I be anything but encouraging when that is what I see?

I see you for who you are. You are an expression of my life!

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