Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Do you see what I see?

My little one when you look around and see only darkness it is because your eyes are filled with darkness. When You see as I see you can see my life in all people and in all things. When you see my light, my energy, my joy, my peace and my life flowing through you and through all people, you will be filled with joy and hope. This is what it means for your whole body to be filled with light. Let your eye be whole and single as you see reality: I am your only true reality and I am the resurrection and the Life!!

 Take a moment right now to see as I see. See my energy that holds all things together by the power of my will. See my love that draws you to each other in bonds of joy and compassion. Do not see the flesh with all its delusions of grandeur and delusions of failure. Instead see my spirit at work in you and at work in all the world. See my life, my light and rejoice!

 You see what is broken; I see the power that is still holding all things together. You see what is hurting and in pain; I see my power to heal working through you and all people.

 Do you see how this works now? Everywhere you look you see limitation in flesh and failure. But I come alive in you because I am constantly and fully aware of myself and my power and my love, I see nothing but the places where my glorious plan and my perfect work is succeeding!

 Oh let me open the eyes of your heart that you may see all things filled with the light of my love! Oh let me open your ears that you may hear the glorious universal rejoicing! Oh let me share with you in every one of your senses and emotions the full flow of my living water that abounds in you and in all things that live and move and have their being in me!

 I want you to see my life and my light and my love at work in your children. See me joyfully spilling out in their words and their gestures, their play and their feelings, their attention to you and to each other!

 When you see this you will believe fully in what I am doing and you will feel no pressure to accomplish anything on your own.

 Oh my beloved! I would have you see your beloved-ness right now! See it! Feel it! Live it! Love me in the midst of my abundant love for you. Love yourself within the cataract of my ecstatic union with you. Love each person and draw near to their heart because they are one with you even as I am one with you. Let compassion and empathy flow in you like a torrent of joy.

 In this moment I would have you feel fully in your body what the spiritual realities are like. Do not hold back. Let the ecstasy and the intimacy flow over you in a waterfall of life.

 Do not hesitate for a moment to taste this sweet living water. Taste and see that I am good! Bury your face in the depths of this flow and drink great drafts of delicious life-giving elixir!

 My life flows rich and full in the face-to-face awareness of mirror rejoicing!

 Let all tiredness be borne in the rich energizing flow of this communion. As glances of love pass between us in this eye to eye, expression to expression synchrony, let your ecstasy be amplified constantly in the shining face of my love upon you.

 Let my joy be in you and let your joy be mature. This full joy always draws you back to me no matter what else you may be feeling. Your most difficult and overwhelming feelings simply wash you back onto the shore of my love which always stands stable beneath your feet. All you have the need to do is stand firm on the secure foundation of my love and all overwhelming feelings will simply wash over you

 As they wash over and through you, you will be transformed by my love that holds you firm. Let your mind be renewed by the transformative power of my spirit even as you walk through the fire of feelings, the flood of feelings, the earthquake of feelings or the great tornado of feelings. In all of these you will not be shaken, because you have received the kingdom of my love which is unshakable! You have heard the still small voice of my love which calls you by name and creates for you an eternal identity in my perfect embrace!

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